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Trust and Probate Litigation

Many trust and probate cases involve complex legal matters and can also bring tension between family members. Daniel Leahy’s combination of expertise and personal engagement with his clients’ cases can help you navigate these challenging situations and achieve the resolution you deserve.

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Disinherited Children

If you are feeling hurt, vulnerable and betrayed after learning that your share of your parent’s estate will be different than you expected, you need to speak with an experienced trust and probate litigation attorney. Request your free consultation with Daniel Leahy who regularly practices in all of the Bay Area’s county probate courts.

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Spousal Rights

As a surviving spouse, the California Probate Code provides many legal protections for you. You may need a probate litigation attorney to help you ensure that your rights are protected. Daniel Leahy’s combination of expertise and personal engagement, along with his experience in the Bay Area’s county probate courts can help you in this challenging time.

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Undue Infuence

Is your inheritance from your loved one quite different than you expected? If you suspect undue influence by a caregiver or another beneficiary, you want an experienced trust and probate litigator on your side. Schedule your complimentary consultation with Daniel Leahy today.

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Financial Elder Abuse

In the context of trust and probate litigation, the elder has already died and the will or trust has revealed some potential financial abuse. You want an experienced trust and probate litigator like Daniel Leahy to help you right these wrongs.

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Lack of Capacity

If you are concerned that your loved one’s updates to their will or trust were done with impaired capacity, you should consider a consultation with an attorney. Proving lack of mental capacity in a court can be challenging so you need an experienced trust and probate attorney like Daniel Leahy to make the case.

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Daniel Leahy, Esq.

Daniel J. Leahy specializes in trust and probate litigation. Dan’s practice includes counseling trustees administering trusts and in resolving disputes among beneficiaries and fiduciaries. Dan regularly appears in Bay Area probate courts and handles matters through trial.

Daniel is patient, professional and efficient. He believes in providing direct consultation with his clients so you won’t have to worry about getting passed around a large law firm.

{Daniel Leahy was very helpful to me. He knew I was hoping to not spend too much money, and that I really just wanted an overview of the issues we're facing. He read all the documents and laid out the picture for me quickly and thoroughly so that I could understand the main problems, and make up my mind about what to do next with much more confidence. Much appreciated!{
Leah F.
{When my sister purposely had my mom disinherit me in the waning months of her life, I was devasted. Mr. Leahy helped right this wrong, and get me back in as a rightful beneficiary of my mother’s trust.{
Richard B.
{I highly recommend the Law Offices of Daniel Leahy as a great source for legal expertise and terrific customer service. Daniel was very patient with all of my questions and I cannot recommend him enough.{
Rebecca S.
{Mr. Leahy is my go-to attorney for all trust and estate litigation issues. He is an able attorney and a tremendous asset to have in your corner. I unequivocally recommended this attorney.{
Rafa P.
{Professional. Efficient. Personable. Mr. Leahy helped me navigate a complex dispute between my siblings after our parents passed away. Highly recommend their services.{
Maureen R.

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