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Before we establish the best fee structure for your situation, we offer a free consultation to determine if we’re a good match for your case. You can call or complete the form below to request an appointment for the consultation.

If we are a good fit, fees can be handled in a few different ways as described below. The fee arrangement that is best for your case will be clarified as part of our engagement letter prior to beginning our work together. 

Hourly Fees:
In this arrangement, the client pays based on the time spent by the attorney on your case, plus out-of-pocket costs like subpoenas, deposition transcripts, and expert witness fees. Attorney’s fees in trust and probate litigation are generally non-refundable.

Contingency Fees:
This means that we take the risk with you that your case will yield a positive outcome. No immediate payment will be required. Instead, our payment will be a percentage of the awarded or settled amount. The standard fees are 33 percent of recovery if the case settles, and 40 percent if the case proceeds to trial. We will also receive payment from the proceeds for the out-of-pocket costs such as subpoenas, deposition transcripts, and expert witness fees, if we advance money for them. More complex cases may have a different fee structure.

While contingency fees allow clients the benefit of not having to pay any attorney fees prior to the outcome of the litigation, they come with the risk of paying a much higher amount if there is a large settlement or win at a trial. We look forward to discussing your case and seeing if we’re a good fit and arranging the best fee structure for your situation. 


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